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This website started and largely remains a place to stick all the obscure Columbine-related material I've come across as I've researched the incident.

Because I've been hosting and building this site since 1999, I've had some pretty off-beat things turn up. I had a reader ask me once if I knew any of Eric Harris' old website addresses.

An online chat is a real-time, synchronous, text-based communication via computer.

Participants in online chat sessions type messages to each other using their keyboards.

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Rulon filed the motion to dismiss and discovery/Brady request.Cookies make your browsing experience more personalized, but if cookies are denied, the website may not function properly.Link disclaimer We provide many links to external pages that you can make use with.Bear in mind that Eric Harris is dead and his accounts were all deactivated, many for as much as 10 years after his death. Contains lyrics from KMFDM's songs "Waste" and "Son of a Gun". See it here Latin logo that gained a lot of attention.Translated, means 'If you want peace, prepare for war.' chatmode=noframes&back_to=&back_to_full=&cmd=cmd_display_page:live_This is the general location of WBS profiles. See it here -- "Rebel News" website where Eric talks about the tests he and Vo Dk A are doing with pipe bombs and his Quake clan.

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