Eigrp routes not updating

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Therefore, debugs are not recommended on a production network unless being instructed by Cisco's Technical Assistance Center (TAC).Sometimes, there might be multiple causes for the same problem.In part 1, we will look at the foundation concepts into distance vector routing protocols operation.

This does not mean that a link that is not a successor or a feasible successor cannot be used to reach a remote subnet; if the successor and feasible successor are unavailable, it can still be used - however, DUAL must again perform calculations to find the best route.

Since EIGRP uses bandwidth and delay as metrics in this decision making process, they are used to decide which link out of several redundant connections to use to get to a remote subnet.

A big problem with this type of decision making process is that it needs to be made every time the topology changes.

Each router uses a reliable protocol to exchange topology information in its topology database.3.

Each router places the learned topology information in its topology database.4.

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